Rant 1

So the other day my best friend invited me to a Labour party rally where the leader, Jeremy Corbyn, would be attending. I really enjoy politics and although I do not support the party I thought it would be interesting to attend. So that’s what I did. We met up with some friends there and they were at the front so we went to join them. Later on a man came up to us and asked if we wanted to go up on stage with Corbyn so obviously we all said yes. He did his speech and to be perfectly honest he is an excellent public speaker and it was amazing to see how enthralled the crowd was. Afterwards I got a photo with him and me, being a teenager, posted quite a bit about the day on Snapchat.

That evening my best friend sent me a message showing what a girl we know (and not a particularly nice one) had put on her snapchat story. “LMAO at all the posh private school kids at the Corbyn rally. Like enjoy the ride home in daddy’s Porsche honey xoxoxo” was what she had said and I find it awful. I am well aware I am in the category of very lucky young people who get to attend an independent school (I hate the word private school) but the fact that people feel it is okay to dehumanise us and make us feel that we don’t have the right to believe in what we want makes me so upset. Its 2017. Stop stereotyping people. The school I attend gives 1/3 of its places to people on bursaries so anyone can attend if they really want to. Just because we wear a certain uniform doesn’t mean that we don’t have feelings. I know that some people mock the state education system and the young people who attend them but that isn’t the majority.

People who attend independent schools don’t all have mansions and Porsches. I know so many people whose parents sacrifice so much for them to attend and I find it so disappointing that we are still affiliated with certain lifestyles and, in terms of political parties, the Conservative party. Anyone has the right to support anything they want to. People in social classes D/E can vote for the Conservatives. People in social classes A/B can vote for Labour. Why do we feel the need to be derogatory to people and be so nasty!?

Freedom of speech is fantastic and its brilliant how more young people are voicing their opinions however they need to be aware how comments like this can make people feel like their opinions aren’t valid. In times where people are attempting to divide us surely we should be attempting to bring ourselves together and be strong?

Please stop the stereotyping and nasty comments. Opinions are great but be aware of the people who are reading them and how easy it is for a simple Facebook status or Snapchat story to make people feel upset…

Rant over. This is just my opinion. I don’t speak for everyone who attends independent schools. I just wanted to give my perspective on how one person’s comment can trigger a number of emotions I didn’t really know I had.